Hello, I'm Nathan Black, and this is my portfolio page. I do a lot of random things. I'm a factotum and a drifter, a programmer and a boxer, a photographer and a stuntman.


I work primarily in python and flask. I've got extensive experience with making continuous integration build tools for game companies, but I also enjoy making small single use sites and twitter bots. You can see source for a number of my projects at my github page.

The Moby Dick Bot - A Markov chain generator that posts remixed Moby Dick quotes on twitter every six hours.

Dirty Sixth Street Bar Name Generator - Need a name for a new bar in Downtown Austin? I've got you covered.

Tell-Me-To - A simple site that tells you to do things based on it's url. So someone can remind themselves to do the dishes if they need reminding.

Hundred Flowers - My portfolio site. Thanks for visiting!



I enjoy photography, especially portraits and street photography. Here are some of my projects:

Nathan Black Photography - Host to my portfolios and deeper cuts.

I Want To Take Beautiful Pictures of You - A photography project about sitting down with people and making portraits over the course of the conversation.

Stunt work

I'm a part time stunt man, specializing in falls and fights.

Depixelated Super Smash Bros - I played Mario in a gritty remix fight of Mario vs. Luigi in Super Smash Bros.

Extintion Event - I stunt coordinated and performed as a creature.